What to Expect from Our Camp

A week in the life of a camper:

Just like our SpellRead classes, our summer camp is highly structured, leaving no time to waste. Below is a snapshot of a week at camp:

  • 8 hours of SpellRead instruction 
  • 1 hour of yoga, taught by a certified yoga teacher
  • 1 hour of music lessons, taught by a certified Suzuki music teacher
  • 1 hour of Speech Language Services
  • 2  weekly field trips throughout HRM
  • Swimming, crafts, free play and more!


Below is a description of each individual session that makes up the enriching camp experience offered at Halifax Learning. If you would like to register your child for camp, please fill out the form below and a member of our enrollments team will contact you asap! 


halifax learning spellread summer camp 2019

SpellRead Classes

Campers will participate in SpellRead classes from 9:30-11:30 a.m., Monday through Thursday, totaling 8 hours or instruction. Typically our students are enrolled in the SpellRead program for a minimum of 60 hours. SpellRead focuses on developing a student's "phonological automaticity", the ability to master sound-letter relationships and automatically process the sounds.  Activities in phonemic, phonetic, and language-based reading and writing form the foundation of SpellRead.  The SpellRead approach ensures that students' reading and writing skills become as developed and automatic as their verbal ability.


halifax learning spellread

Music Classes

Campers will participate in two 30-minute music classes with Calleb on Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:00-9:30 am. The Scotia Suzuki School runs small group musical theater and dance classes for young people. Students learn basic breathing, posture and enunciation in their singing and do musical theater style hip-hop dancing. This is an excellent introduction for youth to explore musical theater and performance arts. If they pursue the arts it more seriously in their future they will have a strong foundation in place!

halifax learning spellread

Speech-Language Services

Campers will participate in a 1-hour speech-language session on Wednesdays from 1:30-2:30 p.m with our SL-P, Natalie Corbett. Speech Language Pathologist, Natalie has worked in Halifax for over 15 years, throughout which she has referred many clients to Halifax Learning for their SpellRead programme. She runs a private practice that allows her to work with a wide range of families to maximize communication and is very excited to partner with Halifax Learning. Natalie is also a published novelist and artist. She is an experienced wrangler of teenagers, having four of her own. She spends her free time - what’s left of it - drawing, reading, playing mindless iPhone games and trying to convince the dog to pee outside instead of in.

halifax learning summer camp 2019 spellread

Halifax Commons

Once a week we will visit the Halifax Commons to explore the heart of our city. We will go swimming, skating, play on the playground, get active on the field and even play a game of Cricket!

halifax learning spellread summer camp 2019

Crafts and Experiments

Each week campers will be provided with step by step instructions to create one craft or experiment each week.

halifax learning spellread summer camp 2019

Free Play

There is so much to learn from unstructured play! Campers will be provided with board games, craft supplies, and even materials to write their own comics if they so choose! We will ensure campers are provided with a safe space for free play to explore, create, and bond with their fellow campers!


halifax learning spellread summer camp 2019

Independent Reading and Writing

We will provide a range of book titles for our campers, but families are encouraged to send books from home during independent reading on Friday mornings from 9:00-9:30 a.m. During independent reading time, our Camp Director, Teachers and Junior Camp Leaders will support our campers and model independent reading themselves. We will ensure that campers feel safe, secure and supported during this time, while relaxing, putting their feet up and diving into their own imaginations.

Campers will be provided with a journal on their first day of camp. At the end of every day, we will provide the campers with a writing prompt and time for them to describe the events of the day. During this time our Camp Director, Teachers and Junior Camp Leaders will support our campers in the writing process, encouraging them to apply their SpellRead skills and ensuring they feel safe, secure, and supported during this time.

halifax learning spellread summer camp 2019


Back by popular demand, we are thrilled to have Ashley return to camp this year. Ashley loves to incorporate books and stories in her children’s yoga session along with partner based activities and even a bit of writing! Ashley Campbell is a certified 200-hour RYT and children’s yoga teacher. Ashley is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with children of all ages. She loves using stories, games, and songs to create yoga classes that are accessible and enjoyable to all. When not teaching Ashley enjoys exploring and sharing stories with her own three children.

halifax learning spellread summer camp 2019

Field Trips

Throughout the week and every Friday afternoon, our campers will participate in a field trip to various locations throughout Halifax. You may be asked to pick your child up from an off-site location due to travel time restrictions. This will be clearly noted on your weekly itinerary upon registration. We are waiting to confirm bookings with a few community groups and organizations. The finalized itinerary will be forwarded to you no later than March 1st. Field trips may include: 

  • Citadel Hill

  • Discovery Centre

  • Bowlarama

  • Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

  • Fire Department

  • Halifax Central Library

  • Dalhousie Touch Tanks

  • Saint John’s Ambulance Therapy Dogs

  • Public Gardens

  • Halifax Central Library


Week at a Glance
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