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Thank you for taking the time to read our story! The team at Halifax Learning are expert providers of the SpellRead program since 1999.  Halifax Learning has a long history of developing strong, confident readers thousands of lives changed. We have built our success on evidence and results and continue to invite researchers, neuroscientists, clinical psychologists and speech language pathologists to review and actively research our results.  Our expertise in program delivery, training, and coaching is unparalleled.

SpellRead was developed in Prince Edward Island by Dr. Kay MacPhee, a member of the Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame for her accomplishments in education and entrepreneurship. Dr. MacPhee spent 25 years learning and developing techniques to enable the hearing-impaired to acquire language skills for reading.  Her curriculum has been rigorously tested as part of numerous clinical studies, the results of which are published in journals and reading research foundations such as the Florida Centre for Reading Research and What Works Clearinghouse. These results show SpellRead to be the number one program in developing reading comprehension. SpellRead was brought to Halifax in the late 1990s with support from Dr. Wayne MacDonald, the Chief of Psychology at the lWK Children’s Hospital. Today, the program is widely accepted and referred to by psychologists, speech therapists and educators alike.

Sarah Arnold, Halifax Learning’s CEO and PEI-born, had the good fortune to study with Dr. MacPhee.  Sarah was a high-achieving French Immersion student who felt she had “missed the day in class when the students learned how to read well”.  She excelled in school, but always struggled with reading efficiently. It was only when she met Kay, and completed the SpellRead program as a university graduate, that she realized she had just never been taught properly. Halifax Learning is the result of Sarah’s passion to share her experience in becoming a skilled, confident, learner.  Sarah's Story is a genuine account of one child's learning journey from coping mechanisms to empowered, critical thinking.

Since then the team at Halifax Learning has remained local, but grown immensely.  Today we teach and provide professional development and training in the SpellRead program at our private clinics, private schools, a non-profit organization and are partners with HRM’s Youth Advocate Program. In 2019 we launched Painting Mind Pictures with our Speech Language Pathologist, Natalie Corbett Sampson from the Family Development Centre. Painting Mind Pictures is a reading comprehension program designed to enhance the foundational skills made easy with SpellRead


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Halifax Learning is proud to be locally grown, gold-standard and evidence-driven.