Looking for Childcare during PD Days in Halifax?

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Halifax Learning, the flagship division of Canadian Learning Foundations supports teachers and know that any actions taken are thoughtful, difficult and made in the best interest of our students.  

In the event of a strike and during schedule inservice and professional development days, Halifax Learning has developed a full-day program to offer as a “mock” school day to best ensure our youth continue to receive quality instruction in fundamental areas such as reading, writing, math and physical activity.

The itinerary below was developed by a licensed teacher in our best efforts to create a school day that is familiar to our students.

→ Offered in Bedford and Halifax locations. 
→ Confirm as soon as possible. 
→ Fees are $50.00/day.
→ A childcare receipt will be provided. 
→ Please note if your child is currently enrolled in the SpellRead program, this service does not replace their regular class. 

→ Our Day Camp service will be offered from our Bedford and Halifax locations.

Full-Day Program Itinerary






Students will participate in our gold-standard, evidence based reading program SpellRead.  Activities include, blending, analyzing, spelling, etc.



Students will participate in our evidence based program, JUMP Math.  Content will vary depending on age and grade, but will coincide with the topics being covered by HRSB school teachers.



Please provide a snack.



Weather permitting, students will take a walking bus to a local playground. In the case of inclement weather and an alternative plan will be developed.



Please provide materials from school and/or Google Classroom login information. During this time, students will be supported by CLF Staff to complete any assignments they have from their classroom teachers.



Please provide lunch.



During this time, students will be encouraged to read independently.  We encourage you to bring books from home or school, but can provide reading material from our libraries.



Students will be instructed with writing prompts and provided with mini-lessons on the writing process. (i.e Prewrite, Draft, Revise, Edit, Publish.)



An art project inspired by a group reading of the book, “I Can Read” by Helaine Becker & Mark Hoffman.



Students will take part in various vocabulary development games.



We hope you had a great day!

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A Statement from the
Halifax Learning Staff:

It is becoming increasingly difficult to understand the complex reality of the education system in the current media climate in Nova Scotia.

Halifax Learning is sometimes perceived (only) as service providers in the private sector but we are much more than that. Our team of teachers, social workers, psychologists, coaches and entrepreneurs work effortlessly to inform stakeholders of our evidence-based programs that continue to provide our students with effective, sustainable results in literacy.

Time and time again, we meet with parents that tell us the same story. Their child had a private psychological assessment completed (rather than waiting 2-4 years for the school to provide this service) and was referred to us because SpellRead meets expert recommendations in effective, evidence-based education. Despite the tireless efforts of their child's classroom teacher, they know their child isn't achieving their potential because their learning differences aren't being met in an overpopulated, under-supported classroom.

Halifax Learning submitted a proposal to The Commission on Inclusive Education and we are prepared to change the model of Halifax Learning and reach all of the youth in need of explicit, systematic instruction in reading and spelling.

Teachers are ready to do more and so are we.

We support teachers and we support students!



Meet our

Program Director


Megan began her role with Halifax Learning as a SpellRead Instructor 10 years ago. She has since completed the BEd program from Mount Saint Vincent University in Bedford, Nova Scotia and has spent time as a substitute teacher within the Halifax Regional School Board. Megan takes pride Halifax Learning's mission to provide evidence-based instruction to all students, regardless of their learning difference.  Megan developed our Full-Day Program Plan to support parents in Halifax in the event of an NSTU strike and during inservice and professional development days for the remainder of the school year.


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Halifax Learning is proud to be locally grown, evidence-based and research driven.