Speech Language Pathologist

Halifax Learning is pleased to offer speech and language services to all SpellRead students.

Our Speech Language Pathologist, Natalie Sampson delivers Painting Mind Pictures, a reading comprehension, and visualization program designed to enhance each student’s SpellRead experience.

halifax learning spellread speech language


Speech Language Pathologist, Natalie has worked in Halifax for over 15 years, throughout which she has referred many clients to Halifax Learning for their SpellRead programme. She runs a private practice that allows her to work with a wide range of families to maximize communication and is very excited to partner with Halifax Learning. Natalie is also a published novelist and artist. She is an experienced wrangler of teenagers, having four of her own. She spends her free time - what’s left of it - drawing, reading, playing mindless iPhone games and trying to convince the dog to pee outside instead of in.


What is Painting Mind Pictures?

halifax learning spellread speech language pathologist reading comprehension“Visualizing” is the act of forming a mental image of an item, concept, action or idea. It has been added as a tool in mindfulness, medical and psychological health practices for goal setting and achievement, among other uses. Increasing the sensory input of any message works to improve comprehension.

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