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    Skilled. Confident. Early Readers.

    Our staff aren’t just SpellRead experts.  We are parents too! 

    Parents who want to ensure our little people have the best possible start to their academic career. Without a doubt, early and increased exposure to reading and writing provide the best foundation for a successful (and joyful) academic career. We think that's important - the JOY of learning to read!

    Sound FoundatioNS is a highly structured, multi-sensory program that develops phonological skills, vocabulary, printing practice, and active reading.


    Sound FoundatioNS was developed using our evidence based programs: SpellRead, Handwriting Without Tears and Ooka Island.  

    We have created a program that is multi-sensory, engaging and highly structured. Every minute is planned and meaningful!


    Below is the basic framework for each Sound FoundatioNS session. 

    • Guided Conversation
    • Handwriting Without Tears
    • SpellRead
    • Games
    • Story Time

    For more informaiton contact our Enrollments Director today! 

    Locally Grown. Evidence Based. Research Driven.