SpellRead is a Gold standard reading remediation program that focuses on phonological automaticity and reading fluency for struggling readers.  Backed by independent research, SpellRead combines intensive phonemic and phonetic activities with a language arts program to build students' reading comprehension, fluency, decoding, spelling and writing 


The SpellRead program doesn't just accommodate - it remediates.  SpellRead is systematically designed for our most struggling readers, including:

  • Those behind by multiple grade levels
  • Special Education Students
  • ELL Learners
  • University Students/Adults.

Mastering the five core components proven to develop excellent and efficient reading skills provides a strong foundation for reading in allcontent areas. Without this foundation, students continue to struggle through the grades developing inefficient strategies and coping mechanisms. As texts become more complex, students become overwhelmed using compensatory strategies and fall further behind. SpellRead ends this cycle of failure.

SpellRead's multisensory approach bridges the gap between a student's sound system and oral language to enable efficient language processing for understanding. Once through SpellRead,  students have the skills they need to improve overall comprehension, and can confidently advance to more complex texts in all content areas. 


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Book a Free In-Depth Literacy Skills Assessment 


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