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 The teaching staff at Halifax Learning all have one thing in common, we are addicted to the feeling of providing the foundational skills for learning that bring joy to our student's lives!  On a daily basis we are offered stories of success for all of our students and there is nothing more meaningful then providing someone with the tools they need to reach their full potential!

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Real Recent Results


spelling reading writing literacy halifax reading program results evidence-based inclusionWOW!  In just one year this grade 5 student is now graduating from the SpellRead program with the foundational skills required for efficient, effortless reading.  Furthermore, the skills required for learning and discovery!  We are so proud of our students and their families for all of their dedication to overcoming their learning struggles.  We are so grateful to have 20 years of experience delivering the SpellRead program and meeting the learning needs of so many struggling readers.  We are accustomed to results like this, but we never lose sight of the life changing impact it has for our students.  We have the best job in the world!  










A Blast from the Past

Meet Duncan

"SpellRead has given my son confidence in his reading - his sounds have become automatic and he can decode words.  

This really means that he now has "reading problem solving skills".           

 - Duncan's Mom, School Teacher

reading writing spelling student success learning halifax learning spellread

At Halifax Learning we have a history of maintaining relationships with parents and past employees. One of our current instructors in Dartmouth came to us after her son successfully completed the SpellRead program. She was so pleased with her son's results, she wanted to be a part of sharing that success with others. Duncan came to us as the son of a past instructor. Duncan's Mom, now a high school teacher for the Halifax Regional School Board, brought Duncan to us having first hand knowledge of the impact SpellRead has in a child's ability to learn.    

Duncan is a ROCKSTAR and continues to make great gains in developing the foundational skills for efficient reading, writing and learning.

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Meet Mason!

reading writing spelling student success learning halifax learning spellreadMason started attending sessions at Halifax Learning the summer before he began grade Primary. Our intention with this was to give Mason the reading and writing tools necessary to help him approach Primary with confidence.  Mason was always a smart, outgoing boy but he sometimes felt unsure of himself when engaged in tasks that provided a bit of a challenge.  We wanted him to feel he could accomplish anything he set his mind to and be able to do so independently.
The instruction Mason received was exactly what we had hoped for.  His teacher was extremely flexible and tailored a program to meet his individual needs.  She also worked closely with us to provide homework that supported and enhanced his learning. This partnership between Halifax Learning and home was the key to Mason’s success.  Through open lines of communication, we were always aware of what his goals were, his progress to date, and what the next phase of his learning would entail.
"Thank you, Halifax Learning, for all you’ve done to help Mason be the best he can be!"
Mason's Mom
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Danica's Transformation!

"You might say SpellRead created a monster! But, boy, are we happy about it!" - Danica's Mom  

When Danica started with SpellRead halfway through grade 4, it was in desperation.  As both her father and I love books, we really didn't know what we had done wrong.  What it came down to was that she had never really grasped the fundamentals of reading. She couldn't remember or just didn't know what the individual letters could sound like.  This greatly impacted both her written school work and her understanding of the written word.  After her time with SpellRead it's hard to find her without a book - when she should be sleeping, in the bathroom or even in school when she should be paying attention to the teachers.  You might say SpellRead created a monster! But, boy, are we happy about it! 

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