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Childhood Communication Milestone Webinar?

On Tuesday, October 13, we held a webinar on how children learn language.

When language learning is challenged, the impact can ricochet through many aspects of the child’s life and that of their families. If a child finds communication difficult, s/he may exhibit changes in personality or negative behaviours, the quality of personal interactions between the child and his/her caregivers can be affected, and further development and academic progress may lag.

Early intervention is essential to identify children struggling with communication growth. Speech and/or Language assessment and intervention can put the family back on the right track by maximizing functional communication and nudging development forward to close the gap between the child and his/her peers.

Join Speech Language Pathologist Natalie Corbett Sampson for a discussion about communication milestones.

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Get to know Natalie Corbett Sampson, Speech Language Pathologist

natalieNatalie Corbett Sampson is the Speech Language Pathologist of the Halifax Learning Centres team. She brings twenty years of experience working with families living with communication challenges.

Natalie works closely with each family to identify their priorities to improve communication. She strives to obtain accurate and measurable information about skills and weaknesses through formal and informal assessment. Using all of that information, a set of practical and powerful goals are set for intervention to improve communication and consequential quality of life.

Natalie welcomes clients with a variety of obstacles. She has extensive experience providing intervention for many populations, including Autism/ASD, global delay, Down's syndrome, apraxia, disfluency/stuttering, articulation and language delay/disorder.

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