Painting Mind Pictures

Reading is a complex language task that involves motor coordination, phonetic awareness, decoding, memory, prediction and language processing. SpellRead builds automaticity and mastery of these skills creates efficiency that frees brain power for reading comprehension.

Visualisation, creating a mental concept or image, helps with comprehension and memory. Painting Mind Pictures is a series of classes that builds visualisation skills of readers. SpellRead students meet monthly with an SLP to focus on tools of visualisation, and their SpellRead instructors use these tools during regular classes to flex visualisation muscles. Features needed to create an image such as size, colour and shape, are explicitly identified and studied so that they can be used to construct and manipulate mental concepts. These new skills are then applied to reading so students are able to create mental images - mind pictures or movies. They can then use the mental images as a reference to help understand and remember what they have read.

Painting Mind Pictures is integrated into the SpellRead program, but it is also offered as a stand alone program. Students can request one on one sessions at their convenience or ask when a class is being held.


August 24th, 2021 11