School Readiness Program

Get Ready, Get Set… School Readiness Classes

Entering formal school is a monumental milestone for children. They are introduced to new settings, new toys and new people who don’t know them well enough to anticipate their needs and wants. They learn new rules and routines as well as new facts and concepts - much more than their ABC’s. A happy and successful transition into school sets the stage to enjoy structured learning throughout their academic careers.

Our School Readiness Class is a small group setting run by a certified Speech Language Pathologist. An SLP has specialized training and experience with speech and language development and preschool aged children. They are uniquely qualified to identify and target weaknesses in communication to reach skill potential. Students will participate in structured activities that introduce them to early literacy and academic tasks, social skills and routines. Through class, books, games and art are used to explore letters, numbers, colours and basic concepts. Each class follows a theme such as Animals, Occupations or Monsters. The series starts with a private preschool screening designed to flag concerns before school entry and clinical observation throughout the series makes sure your child is mastering the skills needed to make their transition into primary ideal.


Our child thoroughly enjoys reading now
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