Speech and Language Services

Halifax Learning is pleased to offer speech and language services to all SpellRead students.

The Halifax Learning team includes certified Speech and Language pathologists who bring over 20 years experience to offer quality services supporting communication development and functional use in families and across the lifetime.

Initial Consultation

All new clients are eligible for an initial consultation. This appointment is approximately thirty minutes in length and available at no charge. The initial consultation is used to meet with the client and his or her family to discuss concerns, answer questions and create a plan going forward including what assessments should be done, type, frequency and duration of intervention to be planned and appropriate referrals to be made. Clients and families can self-refer.


We are qualified and experienced in conducting thorough assessment of speech and language skills to identify strengths and weaknesses, provide diagnoses and make supportive referrals and structure effective targets for intervention. Assessments may include collection of history, observational assessments and conduction of formal norm-referenced tests. A report of findings will be offered at an additional cost for the family to use at their discretion with intervention team members and/or school personnel. 


Each client and family will work with the SLP to develop an intervention plan that works optimally for them targeting goals important for the family. Intervention may include one-on-one therapy, group sessions, consultation with the family and/or other team members such as psychology or school personnel, for example. Sessions are usually held on site, but teletherapy and off site visits are available if needed. 


Halifax Learning Programming

SLP Support (Speech and Language Pathology)

The SLP team works closely with Halifax Learning instructors to monitor students with respect to their speech and language skills and provide support that bolsters reading comprehension. Students are screened and monitored for expected communication skills.

Painting Mind Pictures

Students can participate in Painting Mind Pictures either as part of their SpellRead programming or in a stand alone series of classes. This programme explicitly targets visualization to strengthen reading compression and memory.

Writing Connections

Writing Connections is a natural next step for graduates of the SpellRead programme. This six month series of classes applies the explicit instruction used in SpellRead to rules and skills needed for strong writing ability. Students start with the basic building blocks of written work and progress up to narratives including creative writing, poetry, non-fiction and correspondence. 


Language Development Classes

Halifax Learning is happy to offer several fun and inventive ways to celebrate and practice good communication skills for preschoolers and school-aged children. These classes include


About Our Clinicians


Natalie Corbett

Natalie Corbett is a lover of all things language. She brings over 20 years experience as an Speech Language Pathologist and is a published author of five novels. Natalie aspires to reach the highest potential for functional communication with each family. She loves teaching, drawing, reading and writing, toilet humour and bad puns. She has survived parenting four teenagers and talks to her cats, dog and bird as if they’re actually listening.

Jenn Coleman

Jenn is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist at Halifax Learning. She received her Master of Science degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Dalhousie University in 2020 and is excited to begin her career with Halifax Learning! She teaches SpellRead classes and provides Speech-Language Pathology services and support at the centre. Jenn is passionate about language and communication and has a particular interest in working with individuals on social pragmatic skills, literacy, and language expression and comprehension. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, cooking, reading, travelling, and looking after her plants.