Wee Words - Early Language Learning Class

Wee Words is a playgroup series of four classes for babies and their caregivers. Each class focuses on a different tool to target language development; Toys, Books, Baby Sign and Music.

Children naturally learn language at an extraordinary rate. From 12 to 24 months these children grow from babbling and their first words to short phrases and sentences that express wants and needs, ask questions and gain attention. While language acquisition happens innately, there are ways to boost development. Some children will demonstrate language delay; early identification and intervention maximizes language potential and keeps frustration in check. Wee Words is a playgroup that aims to give parents the tools they need to bolster language development and recognize areas of concern.

Babies aged 12-24 months are invited to bring their favourite adult (parent, grandparent, babysitter) to learn how to encourage first words, two word phrases and increased vocabulary. A certified clinician runs the class, providing modelling, direction and instruction to demonstrate how books, toys, Signs and music are easily integrated into daily life to spur language use. (Don’t worry, a professional music teacher handles the class on Music). Babies will have the opportunity to meet each other and explore the toys, books, instruments while caregivers can share experiences and hints and some adult company.


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