What to Expect - Halifax Learning's delivery of SpellRead

The SpellRead Program is a fully integrated program based on specific skill mastery.

It is structured around 120 sequential lessons divided into three phases delivered in combination with language-based reading and writing activities. 

  • Phase A begins with simple activities using the sounds which are the easiest to hear and manipulate.  It progresses to the point where all 44 sounds are used in a wide variety of activities at the one syllable level (CV, VC, and CVC combinations). 
  • Phase B introduces secondary vowels (/a_e/ is also spelled /ai/ and /ay/) and consonant blends (/fr/, /squ/), moving students through to the two-syllable level. 
  • Phase C introduces the clusters (/tion/, /cious/), verb endings and syllabication to the polysyllabic level. 

We are proud to have successfully supported the learning needs of over 3000 struggling readers in Halifax and throughout Nova Scotia since 1997.


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