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The flagship division of Canadian Learning Foundations.

Established Halifax, NS, 1999.


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Halifax Learning specializes in teaching the joy of learning through our expertly designed and delivered literacy programs.
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We offer intervention programs to enable and enhance literacy and numeracy skills for learners unable to achieve efficient skills in a traditional learning environment. Our programs are expertly designed, delivered, researched, recommended and proven effective.  


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We are proud to partner with like-minded organizations on a global scale.  We offer training and professional development to organizations that share in our mission to provide programming that remediates the inefficient acquisiton of literacy skills in a traditional classroom student for students with unique learning styles.  

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What Our Families Have to Say

"Brennan came to SpellRead far behind in his reading skills. Within three weeks he started reading street signs on the way home. We were elated! The program you offer has been worth every penny to see him be able to enjoy reading. Your instructors were fantastic and really understood his needs. Thank you. "

SpellRead Student Sucess

A Proud Dad

"One of the things I appreciated most about SpellRead was the individual attention that I was given by my teacher. Every time we were together, she was incredibly encouraging on every small part of my successes and made me feel like I could achieve anything! Now that I am ready for post-secondary education, I have a greater awareness of how SpellRead has helped me achieve academic goals that at one point I would have deemed impossible."

SpellRead Student Success


A SpellRead Graduate

"In grade two we decided to put him in the SpellRead program. He continued his resource at school but after a conversation with his teacher I realized he needed more. I started to notice some small changes at first, but the most drastic change was his confidence. He was no longer struggling to read but rather just reading. His teachers all noticed, his report cards were changing and his confidence was building."

SpellRead Student Success


A Proud Mom

Skilled. Confident. Learners.