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Gus and Heather

Since its inception, SpellRead has integrated rigorous scientific evaluation into its program development.  This commitment has built SpellRead's formidable track record in providing reliable, consistent success in "closing the gap" between struggling students and their same-age peers.

Halifax Learning continues to invest in research and development to ensure struggling readers are provided with the best possible program delivery as identified by science.  We are currently partnering with Dr. Aaron Newman, a professor at Dalhousie University located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Dr. Newman is a faculty member in the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience and is working alongside graduate student, Clara Lownie, to perform a research study titled "Brain changes associated with a reading intervention program."  That reading intervention program is SpellRead!

How Does SpellRead Align With Expert Opinion?

Experts recommend: 

  • small instructional groups. 
  • clear and concise explanations. 
  • explicit instructional sequences. 
  • more opportunities for immediate positive feedback and error correction. 
  • more skillful orchestration and integration of elements.

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Halifax Learning is proud to be locally grown, gold-standard and evidence-driven.