SpellRead's Mission

Skilled and confident readers in just one year.

SpellRead is an explicit, intensive and comprehensive reading intervention program that achieves significant results in one year, even with severely deficient readers. SpellRead leaves nothing to chance.  Our integrated, complete program is tested and proven, our extensive teacher support is exceptional and our learning management system continuously tracks student progress and success.

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The Program


The SpellRead program focuses on developing a student's "phonological automaticity", the ability to master sound-letter relationships and automatically process the sounds.  Activities in phonemic, phonetics, and language-based reading and writing form the foundation of SpellRead.  The SpellRead approach ensures that students' reading and writing skills become as developed and automatic as their verbal ability. 

Students and educators see progress from the first lessons.  All lessons are clearly defined in the instructor manuals and taught in a carefully sequenced and explicit manner.  Each skills isthoroughly practiced in a fast-paced format so that students stay engaged in learning. 

SpellRead White Paper

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The Advantage


The SpellRead Program is scientifically-based and designed to meet the specific needs of struggling students. 

  • SpellRead provides a comprehensive program that maximizes student and organizational success. 
  • SpellRead targets essential reading skills. 
  • SpellRead is focused on results and closes the reading gap. 

Grounded in Research


Since its inception, SpellRead has integrated rigorous scientific evaluation into its program development.  This commitment has built SpellRead's formidable track record in providing relable, consistent success in "glosing the gap" between struggling students and their same-age peers. 

How SpellRead Aligns With Expert Opinion

Experts recommend: 

  • small instructional groups. 
  • clear and concise explanations. 
  • explicit instructional sequences. 
  • more opportunities for immediate positive feedback and error correction. 
  • more skillful orchestration and integration of elements.


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What to Expect

The SpellRead Program is a fully integrated program based on specific skill mastery.  It is structured around 120 sequential lessons divided into three phases delivered in combination with language-based reading and writing activities. 

  • Phase A begins with simple activities using the sounds which are the easiest to hear and manipulate.  It progresses to the point where all 44 sounds are used in a wide variety of activities at the one syllable level (CV, VC, and CVC combinations). 
  • Phase B introduces secondary vowels (/a_e/ is also spelled /ai/ and /ay/) and consonant blends (/fr/, /squ/), moving students through to the two-syllable level. 
  • Phase C introduces the clusters (/tion/, /cious/), verb endings and syllabication to the polysyllabic level. 


Phonological Automaticity


Student develop phonemic and phonetic skills by using a multi-sensory approach to automatically recognize, process and manipulate any combination of the 44 sounds of the English language.

Students develop fluency, comprehension and vocabulary by share-reading and free-writing activities.  These activities strengthen a student's sound system as well as further develop comprehension skills. 

  • Share-Reading: Students engage in teacher-guided reading activities by taking turns reading orally at the appropriate level.  This allows students to have a continual conversation with the text to acquire high-level comprehension skills.  Strategies to enhance comprehsnion and derive meaning from unknown vocabulary are taught at this time. 
  • Free-Writing: Students freely express their ideas and thoughts using their nautral language, not hindered by their difficulty with spelling. 

Focused on Results

The Proof about SpellRead

SpellRead's power and effectiveness is demonstrated by concrete results in the classroom, including research conducted by organizations independent of SpellRead, using standardized measures. 

Visit our Research Library to access studies and documents demonstrating the effectivenes of the SpellRead program.


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