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When you enroll in a program at Halifax Learning you or your child will be working with expertly trained reading practitioners, not tutors. Our clinics offer the gold-standard in SpellRead instruction, our reading practitioners are rigorously trained and receive on-going training and support and we are a research hub for experts in the field. In addition to instruction in evidence-driven programs such as SpellRead, Halifax Learning families receive:

  • On-going feedback. 
  • Communication with support staff (i.e. psychologists, teachers, etc.)
  • Initial, progress and exit assessment reports. 

SpellRead is scientifically-based and designed to meet the specific needs of struggling students to ensure effective, sustainable results

  • SpellRead provides a comprehensive program that maximizes student success.
  • SpellRead targets essential reading skills. 
  • SpellRead is focused on results and closes the reading gap. 
  • SpellRead is not tutoring, but scientifically-driven, ensuring sustainable results.


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Halifax Learning is proud to be locally grown, gold-standard and evidence-driven.