Halifax Learning delivers SpellRead, Canada's leading structured literacy program!

For 25 years, Halifax Learning has played a profound role in the rise and empowerment of Canadian reading experts who drastically improve the lives of young people. We believe in the power of personalized education, innovative teaching methodologies, and unwavering support to drive remarkable results. 

We offer in-person and online clinics for students of all ages and a structured literacy teacher training allowing educators an opportunity to bring Canada’s leading structured literacy program to your classroom.

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The goal is to read efficiently, maximizing the imaginative potential of each brain and the economic impact of each individual.

There are three innovative ways to engage with Halifax Learning and empower all students with access to efficient, effective reading skills.

In-person Student Learning, Halifax Nova Scotia. Step into the vibrant world of learning at Halifax Learning's Clinic, where our in-person sessions offer students a dynamic environment tailored to their unique literacy needs and learning styles. Led by passionate experienced educators and powered by innovative teaching methods, our clinic is committed to cultivating a passion for learning while ensuring academic success.
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Halifax Learning's Online Learning platform is where education meets flexibility and accessibility. Our online sessions provide students with a dynamic virtual environment tailored to their individual needs and learning styles. Led by experienced educators and supported by innovative teaching methods, we're dedicated to fostering a love for learning while achieving academic success, all from the comfort of your own home.
Halifax Learning's Teacher Training program is where educators embark on a transformative journey of professional growth and development. Our comprehensive training equips teachers with the knowledge, skills, and innovative methodologies needed to inspire and empower learners. Led by experienced instructors and supported by cutting-edge resources, our program is tailored to meet the diverse needs of educators.

Halifax Learning Delivers SpellRead™, Canada's leading structured literacy program!

When the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) published its game-changing inquiry report, Right to Read, in 2022, it unleashed a seismic shift in how Canadian curriculums and educators could – and should – approach reading interventions.  

The inquiry confirmed what literacy experts and disability advocates have said for years: the educational mandate of “balanced literacy” leaves teachers and learning assistants woefully unsupported in helping students with reading struggles. The OHRC’s Right to Read recommends the application of evidence-based programs and specifically names the SpellRead™ program pioneered by Halifax Learning Centre (HLC) as a solution.

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A public inquiry into human rights issues affecting students with reading dissabilities.

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SpellRead™ was developed by Dr. Kay MacPhee and brought to Halifax in 1997 by our founder Sarah Arnold.


SpellRead™ aligns with expert opinions in reading research. We're not tutors-find out why.


We are consistently participating in research to develop and maximize our program for rockstar readers.

What our clients are saying...

Hi! It has been almost a year and a half and thought it was time to touch base. Just wanted to let you know our son is in grade 3 now and is having a great year. In fact, he just received an A in English literature. Can you believe it?!? We are all so proud. To see comments saying he is such a good reader and loves to read is truly amazing. Without his hard work and Halifax Learning’s SpellRead program this wouldn't of been possible. Thanks for everything!

SpellRead is an amazing program and our daughter thoroughly enjoys is. Prior to SpellRead, reading was a challenge, however, now she'll read and actually enjoy doing it. The program is easy to follow for parents to help in their child's success.

I love SpellRead. I could do it all day long. And SpellRead has helped me out so much and all of my teacher’s have noticed a big difference in my reading since the summer and so has my Mom and my Dad. I want to say a huge thank you to Halifax Learning for helping me so much. Thank you.