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Celebrating 20 Years of Evidence-Based Education and SpellRead

How is the investment in Halifax Learning different from other programs?

Tue, Nov 01, 2022 @ 11:10 AM

How is the investment in Halifax Learning different from other programs?

This is a great question and one we are often asked. Of course, this makes so much sense. Parents have to make decisions every day to ensure their children are properly taken care of, inside and outside of the home. 

If a parent or caregiver is at the point where they are looking at outside interventions they need to make sure 100% that it’s the right environment for their child.  We encourage reading testimonials, solid reviews, and outcomes!   

At Halifax Learning, how do you measure student progress?

SpellRead provides a clear path for your students to master phonological automaticity, to transfer those skills, and to become efficient readers. Our program is explicit, systematic, multi-sensory, and evidence-driven, and meets the needs of even the most struggling learner.

SpellRead integrates ongoing assessment and evaluation through carefully designed checkpoints for timed reading. This ensures students achieve automatic recognition of the letter-sound relationship. Students work toward realistic goals and receive ongoing review and individualized instruction.

In each class, students participate in reading aloud and independent writing. After each class, our instructors assign a score from our carefully designed rubrics. These scores inform our instructors in their selection of reading material and mini-lessons designed to remediate common errors. 

Finally, Halifax Learning takes pride in communicating student progress with families. We are fortunate to have wonderful instructors who love to celebrate the day’s successes and also highlight things to work on at the end of each class.  We also have a dedicated team of program support specialists who can check in with parents at any time.  

What results can we expect and in what time period? Are they sustainable?

Our goal is to bring skills to the point at, or even above grade level, within one year.

We administer assessments for all new enrollments, at the midway point and upon completion of the recommended registration in the SpellRead program. Our results are sustainable and the research supports it!

What professionals refer to Halifax Learning and SpellRead?

We have a long list of individuals who refer to us, including clinical psychologists, teachers, speech-language pathologists, and community groups, but our number one source of referrals comes from our graduates and their families!

Who are the instructors?  

Our instructors come from all walks of life and backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: a love of reading and student success! Our instructors all come to us with post-secondary education, then we train them in our methodology. 

How are SpellRead instructors trained?

Our instructors go through a comprehensive blended training process that follows best practices principles for UDL (Universal Design for Learning). After the successful completion of the initial training, instructors are regularly observed and submit daily reports after each class. Experienced SpellRead instructors provide bi-weekly feedback to ensure students are meeting outcomes and progressing at the expected rate.

Does your program have independent reviews? If so, can we see the research?

Does it ever! Click here to review our extensive research library.

Did you know SpellRead was rated #1 by What Works Clearing House for small-group reading instruction?  Most recently, SpellRead was recognized for its effectiveness in the Ontario Human Rights Commission Right to Read Inquiry Report released in February 2022.

What will your reading assessment provide?

Our assessment measures the 5 core skills required to become a skilled reader: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary development, reading fluency, and reading comprehension. Our clients are provided with a digital copy of the initial, progress, and final assessment reports that clearly compare results and show progress.

Click here to book an initial assessment today - it's free of charge with no obligation to enroll. 

Why do you do what you do?

Because reading doesn't just happen. There is a science to it.  We can all do better to ensure children receive reading instruction that we know works. When you know better, you do better and the science is unequivocally clear. It just so happens that Halifax Learning has been delivering this science-based reading instructional method for over twenty years and guess what? The results are clear! We've changed thousands of lives!

Don't wait. Trust the experts.

Our dedicated team of educators and specialists has been delivering SpellRead for over twenty years. We are committed to working with families and troubleshooting any barriers to enrollment. 

As you consider SpellRead, no doubt as a parent you are doing your due diligence and comparing what we do at Halifax Learning with other programs available and you should.  This is an investment in a child's future.

What really makes us different? It’s our results. SpellRead has significant independent research supporting its effectiveness. As you have conversations with other service providers, ask them:

  • How they are aligned with the science of reading?
  • Do they have independent data validating student results? 

At Halifax Learning, we are not offering tutoring; we are providing a curriculum designed to change the way a student’s brain responds to reading. Every child deserves to develop efficient and effective literacy skills and we can help. 


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