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Discover the stories of transformation and success straight from our valued community. Welcome to our testimonials page, where our clients share their firsthand experiences of how Halifax Learning has made a difference in their lives. From parents witnessing their children's academic growth to educators applauding our innovative programs, these testimonials offer insights into the impact of our commitment to excellence in education. Explore the heartfelt words of those who have experienced our services firsthand and learn how Halifax Learning is shaping brighter futures, one success story at a time.

What our clients are saying...

"Declan's grade one teacher noticed early on that he was struggling with his reading. She kept in constant contact with us during the year as to his progress. She noticed and showed concern that he was not progressing as he should. Come to the end of the school year she suggested we research some extra help for him. When I asked if she had suggestions she automatically suggested Spell read. We jumped on it right away and had him registered within a week. It has been a very long and hard year for all of us with some very frustrating times. But the time and financial commitment were well worth it. Declan has shown a lot more interest in reading and his abilities are amazing. It is hard to believe he struggled as much as he did. It is also nice to see his confidence level return. Rebekah was amazing and seemed have kept him in line and his assessment scores show how hard she worked with him over the last 120 hours. Thank you all very much."

"When Danica started with SpellRead halfway through grade 4 it was in desperation. As both her father and I love books, we really didn't know what we had done wrong. What it came down to was that she had never really grasped the fundamentals of reading. She couldn't remember or just didn't know what the individual letters could sound like. This greatly impacted both her written school work and her understanding of the written word. After her time with SpellRead it's hard to find her without a book-when she should be sleeping, in the bathroom or even in school when she should be paying attention to the teachers. You might say SpellRead created a monster! But, boy, are we happy about it."

“We learned from the psychologist that our daughter was going into grade 8 at a grade 4/5 level for reading comprehension and phonetic learning. We needed to get that addressed and the psychologist suggested Halifax Learning. We had an initial assessment with Halifax Learning and it lined up with what the therapist had told us. We enrolled in the program and could see improvements along the way. It was the best investment we could make in our daughter to help her future.

“SpellRead has given my son confidence in his reading - his sounds have become automatic and he can decode words. This really means that he now has “reading problem solving skills”.

Since our son started SpellRead in November 2017, we have seen a significant improvement in both his reading fluency and his confidence. His teacher is also noticing significant improvement and noted "Brandon met instructional level for end of grade level benchmarks! His phrasing is much better, his comprehension has improved.” He is enjoying reading now and asks to read every night! Thanks Halifax Learning for supporting our child and helping to positively impact his progress and confidence in reading!

"SpellRead helped me with writing, reading and spelling. At first I did not want to go but then when I met Lorrie I started loving to go but then one day Lorrie said I would have a different teacher and I got so mad at this that I did not to go like before. Then I met Kim and she was as nice as Lorrie. Also at SpellRead I would talk about things and how my day was. SpellRead is awesome and the teachers are even better. I learned so much while having fun and talking. I love SpellRead."

"Students are "re-taught" reading strategies, starting from the very beginning of phonological awareness to spelling and into essay writing. They are able to tackle any unknown word, because they are explicitly taught to implement the rules automatically. There is no opportunity for confusion or frustration because we "over-teach" concepts until they are firmly established to the point of independent implementation."

As a long term teacher for the SpellRead program, I would have to say it is for everyone. Yes, it is excellent for those who might be a little behind in school or those who have one or more learning disabilities. However, it is also beneficial for those students who want to get ahead and progress more quickly than usual. It is awesome for young students learning to print or adults who want to improve their reading and writing skills. Those with English as a second language have also been greatly helped by going through this process.

"SpellRead is a specially structured, engaging, progressive, hands-on program that allows people of all ages to explore and learn how to read and write. With a focus on developing phonological automaticity, SpellRead uses interactive activities in phonetic, phonemic, and language based reading and writing techniques to support and develop a person’s reading and writing skills."

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