The Team

At Halifax Learning, we're proud to introduce you to our dynamic team of dedicated professionals, each committed to fostering a supportive and enriching learning environment. With a diverse range of expertise spanning education, psychology, and specialized teaching methodologies, our team is passionately driven to empower learners of all ages and abilities. From our experienced educators to our compassionate support staff, every member plays a pivotal role in our mission to unlock the full potential of every individual we serve. Get to know the faces behind Halifax Learning, and discover the personalized approach and unwavering dedication that sets us apart.

Amira Naffa

Amira has taught with Halifax Learning for the past three years.

Barb Davis-Musgrave

Barb joined the Halifax Learning Centre team in the fall of 2022. With over 25 years’ experience in public and private schools, Barb has taught students from kindergarten to high school. Barb easily connects and motivates each child in a personal way - building skills and confidence, and having fun.

Charlotte Lance

Charlotte joined the team in 2022. She is an elementary school teacher and came to Spellread to further support students' phonemic and literacy skills both in her classroom and at SpellRead. She loves helping her students to succeed and seeing their enthusiasm for reading and learning grow.

Jennifer Miller

Jennifer joined our team in January 2023. Jennifer has a background in Child Development, Life Coaching with youth, and Therapeutic Art. She is also an art teacher for all ages and a published author. Jennifer is passionate about creativity, education and self expression.

Kim Larkin

Kim is our our admissions director. She joined the team eight years ago and has become an expert in all facets of literacy education as an instructor, assessor, and trainer. Kim’s successfully supported hundreds of families through the enrolment process and helped struggling readers build confidence, and discover the joy of reading.

Linda O'Neil

Linda has a Bachelor of Education with distinction, specializing in teaching reading. She has enjoyed teaching the Spell Read program for 17 years with Halifax Learning. She has also worked with adult literacy networks, early childhood education and is a former resource teacher in the public school system.

Michele Wright

Michele has a BEd and MA in education, and 20 years of experience in literacy and TESL. Michele’s background and sense of humour help bring her classes to life. She is passionate about helping the next generation improve their literacy skills and develop a lifelong love of reading.

Sabiha Khan

Sabiha joined the team as an administrative assistant in 2023. With strong organizational skills and attention to detail, she ensures efficient operations within the office. She handles various administrative tasks with professionalism and a friendly demeanor. She is committed to making a valuable contribution to the team's success.

Sarah Dalton

Sarah has been an educator for the past 20 years. She has worked with children in the Halifax public school system, as well as adults at ISANS and Metroworks. Sarah obtained a BEd and an MEd in TESL. She’s a dedicated teacher who believes in equitable education for all.

Shannon Garrett

Shannon is armed with a BA and a heart full of enthusiasm. Shannon shows genuine care in her instruction to students of all ages and all backgrounds.

Wenisha Morris

Before moving to Nova Scotia in 2021, Wenisha received their Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Guelph. As a Child and Youth Care Worker, Wenisha has worked with various agencies dedicated to improving the lives of vulnerable populations. Wenisha aims to bridge learning gaps and empower students.

Sarah Arnold

Founder - Sarah began the SpellRead™ program as a Bishops University Alumni. Despite being a high-achieving French Immersion student, Sarah felt she 'missed the day in class when the students all learned how to read'. In spite of her success as a student Sarah always struggled with efficient reading, until she met Dr. Kay MacPhee, her would-be SpellRead teacher. SpellRead unlocked untapped potential in Sarah and inspired her to become the structured literacy advocate she is now. Today, Sarah is driven to ensure all students in Canada receive the foundational skills required to read, but more importantly, to read efficiently.

Melinda Cameron

Melinda received an honors degree from Carleton College and a Research Master of Arts in Education. Her goal is to, contributing to the knowledge of best practices in reading instruction. Melinda joined the Halifax Learning team in 2006.

Megan Crew

Megan obtained her BA in Child and Youth Studies. Megan dedicates her time to ensure all students feel welcomed and safe. She has a background in inclusion, working one on one with kids for several years. Megan is devoted to bringing a positive attitude every day.

Shakisha Downey

Shakisha is Halifax Learning’s Administrative Director. Although she wears many hats, working with youth is the most rewarding part of her job. To watch the shift in the attitudes and abilities of these students in an academic setting is truly an amazing opportunity.

Doreen McAleese

Doreen is a retired teacher from New Brunswick. She taught for 30 years and served as a Literacy Lead at her school and in her district for the last 6 years of her career. Doreen has a B.Ed in Elementary Education and a M.Ed in Exceptional Learners.

Riana Surovkin

Riana joined the team in 2022. She’s dedicated to helping every student succeed! She’s currently working towards her BA in English and Creative Writing. She has worked with young children for most of her life and is excited to share her great passion for reading and writing.

Eryn Steele

Eryn began on her path to Halifax Learning in 2000. Eryn has had an impact on all facets of the program, from delivery, development, training, and implementation. She has facilitated the implementation of SpellRead to over 800 students at 6 public schools in Florida and now focuses on training teachers.

Sarah Halverson

Sarah joined us in 2023 and has been an educator for over 10 years. She is currently teaching Grade 3 for the HRCE. She graduated with a a degree in Child and Youth Studies and English and got a Bachelor's Degree in Education. She intends to obtain her Masters Degree in Literacy.



Laurie Sinclair

As CEO Laurie leads the Halifax Learning (HLC) Team by being a trusted business and thinking partner as well as a growth-oriented leader. She supports HLC by combining a deep caring for people, the skills to produce transformational change and a track record of producing exceptional growth. She has 30 years of experience in business leadership as a leadership coach, business growth consultant, financial and risk management professional and change agent. Her experience spans leadership, strategy, training, facilitation, transformational change and growth, financial and risk management, operational efficiency enhancement, and revenue growth. Laurie is a MBA, CPC, and completed the CPA program.

Olivia Eisnor

Olivia Eisnor, a recent graduate of Dalhousie University with a B.Sc., (Honours) degree in Psychology, brings three years of teaching experience to her passion for educating young minds. With a background as a lab instructor for introductory psychology and neuroscience students, as well as serving as a teaching assistant for a higher-level psychology/neuroscience course, Olivia's dedication to teaching shines through. Inspired by her volunteer work at the YMCA, she discovered a passion for teaching children to read, spell, and embrace language. With her commitment to creating a love for learning, Olivia strives to make a positive impact in her students' lives, one lesson at a time. 

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