Noteworthy Education Conference Coming to Halifax – and our Founder is Presenting!

ResearchEd bridges the gap between research and practice in education. Join in November 12th, 2022 in Halifax.

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A very exciting event is happening in Halifax on November 12th!  

ResearchEd bridges the gap between research and practice in education. At their events, researchers, teachers, and policymakers come together for a day of information-sharing and myth-busting. Their events are held globally, and the Canadian venue on November 12th is Saint Mary’s University in Halifax from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm ADT.

Our own Sarah Arnold, Halifax Learning’s founder and pioneer of the SpellRead Program, will be speaking at this momentous event. SpellRead was recommended by the Ontario Right to Read Inquiry as an effective, science-based, and driven literacy program. This will be a chance to align with ResearchEd’s mission to raise research literacy in the teaching profession and the education sector more generally.

The Symposium theme is “Shoring Up the Foundations – Student Behaviour and Learning to Read.”

This will be an informative day, with an opportunity to learn from some of the smartest and best voices in education discussing reading and behaviour. Pay rapt attention to the Keynote by Dr. Jamie Metsala, the Gail and Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Learning Disabilities at Mount Saint Vincent University.  We certainly take a keen interest in her work. Dr. Metsala was one of the subject matter experts and advisors to the Right2Read executive summary inquiry (more information on the inquiry can be found at the link below) and is well known for her research on reading. We are sure you will enjoy listening to her speak.

We encourage your attendance.  With a nominal fee, you will come away with invaluable learnings.

Click for more information and to register

To learn more about Ontario’s Right to Read inquiry, check out our blog post 

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