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In less than 1 hour you will learn more about how you, or a member of your family, processes language and comprehends text.  Our assessment provides a clear understanding of strengths and weaknesses and gives us a picture of the way the student is reading.

Based on benchmarks for the foundational skills identified in research required for efficient reading, the assessment looks at students’ phonological and phonetic skills, reading fluency, word recognition, comprehension, and writing and spelling skills.

After the assessment, you’ll meet with, Kim Larkin our Director of Admissions will explain the results and the next steps in moving forward. You will receive a digital copy of the report within two business days with no obligation to enroll in our programs. This information can help access school support as well.  

Book instantly with the calendars below -- you can choose between an in-person or online assessment or complete the form and we'll be in touch to schedule your assessment. 

Learn more about our assessments, by reading Why Parents Love our Assessment here.

We offer both in-person and online reading assessments.  

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