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halifax learning read write learn spell reading support

halifax learning read write learn spell reading support


We love Woozles and, like Halifax Learning, appreciate their rich history and expertise for all our book recommendation needs!

Did you know you can contact Woozles directly, describe your reader and they'll send you a list of book recommendations based on your interest and reading level!? 

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halifax learning reading writing woozles spellread literacy evidence-based reading program reading support

Stay tuned for our review. 

Thanks Woozles!

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The Family Development Centre  is a collection of professionals in Halifax who have come together to provide quality team-based and best practice services to individuals and families in the community. FDC strives to improve life skills through intervention and education. To that end, we offer individual therapy, consultation and training, group services and networking with other local resources. We strive to provide individualized program planning through professional collaboration that results in integrated services that set and address goals from multiple perspectives.

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Proud Partners 


We are proud to partner with various community outreach groups and support the professional development and delivery of the SpellRead program throughout the province. 

In addition to our five locations, we support the literacy needs of students at: 

Local Authors


We love to support local talent and inspire our students and community to pursue a love of literacy. 

A few of our :

  • Vicki Grant
  • Natalie Sampson
  • Jeremy Holmes
  • Justin Gregg
Halifax Learning is proud to be locally grown, evidence-based and research driven.