Training and Support

We are proud to train and support instructors and students taking part in the SpellRead program all over the world!

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IMG_0068.jpgIn addition to the outreach work we do locally with Bridgeway Academy, The Cole Harbour Foundation and  HRM's Youth Advocate Program, below are just a few of the locations that our expert staff have facilitied.As a result of 20 years of success and expertise, Canadian Learning FoundatioNS, literally, wrote the training manual.If your organization is interested in offering the SpellRead program, contact us for more information on our training package. 

Our Reach


  • Arundel County, Baltimore
  • Polk County, Florida
  • San Franciso, California
  • Zurich, Switzerland
  • Bronfam Jewish Education Centre - Montreal, Quebec
  • Beijing, China
  • Foundations for Learning, 
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