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Living History our students response to the Global Pandemic

Sat, Sep 19, 2020 @ 06:31 AM

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Most reported personal accounts and experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic tend to be from an adult perspective. Employment, childcare, and reopening the economy are for many, understandably, top of mind. But Natalie, our Speech Language Pathologist here at Halifax Learning, also saw an opportunity in the health crisis for children’s voices to be heard.

An author, artist, and mom, Natalie often uses visualization and narrative description lessons for students struggling with communication obstacles. It’s been a century since the world’s experienced such a pandemic. Children, who are now living through a moment of significant historical importance, have a unique perspective to bring to the narrative.


To that end, Natalie worked with 21 Halifax Learning students to compile and create a living history that future generations could refer to and learn from. The book is filled with first-person poems, pictures, reflections, and word art inspired by the seemingly overnight changes the children are experiencing.

The observations and ruminations in “Living History: our response to the global pandemic” run the gamut from Lara’s optimism to Lucia’s firm “I don’t like it.” Duncan created a chart in which he compares his pre- and current COVID schedules. The keen thoughts, perspectives, and emotions expressed in the book are an affecting look into how children are seeing and coping with the pandemic.

Documenting and archiving the children’s experience of the pandemic as it unfolds in real time can be extremely useful in helping them understand what they and others are going through. It’s especially helpful for students who struggle to share their thoughts and ideas with the world.

“Living History” is available for purchase at our three locations. Books are $8 and the proceeds will go to cover costs with some funds raised going to local charity. To learn more about how we help children discover the joy of learning, reach out to Halifax Learning today.

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