SpellRead, the Gold Standard in Reading Programs: Now Online!

Are you aware that SpellRead is available in both in-person and online formats? So get started with a free assessment today!


Are you aware that SpellRead is available in both in-person and online formats?

Perhaps you are in a community where in-person programming is not available. Or your children are in many activities, and it’s hard to balance them all. Now you can have access to this valuable resource virtually.

We know that over the past few years people have had mixed experiences with online learning. While we can’t speak for every experience, at Halifax Learning, we strive to make you feel comfortable and at ease with our delivery. In that regard, we schedule shorter, more frequent classes for our students, which has proven very effective.

There are some other methods we use to promote online learning as a viable option. For example, our online teacher-student is the 1:3 ratio — quite different from other online teaching experiences. We have reviewed what works best for different age groups, so we are aware of when our students need to move or have a break, and we accommodate this. We also love the benefit to parents! They enjoy being able to see their child learn and are pleased to be more informed with regard to our teaching methods.

The SpellRead Online programming is based on two years of delivery — continuously studying best practices around online learning specific to certain age groups. So Halifax Learning is well-equipped to provide a great learning experience, in-person or virtually. An online SpellRead class is identical to our clinic delivery model.

You may wonder if you have the proper setup for online study. Well, it frankly isn’t the right fit for every student. You are required to have excellent internet at home, a quiet space and a parent within earshot. This creates a program as rich online as it is in person.

For many families, SpellRead online is a very rich and effective solution. It is also very convenient for parents with children in many activities.

The good news is that we can tell from our assessment if SpellRead online will be effective for your student. So why not get started with a free assessment today? Find out more and book your assessment here:

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