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Now offering our programs online!

We receive requests from families all over the world looking for an evidence-based program like SpellRead and with the help of technology we are making it happen! Halifax Learning is pleased to offer SpellRead online. Students who participate in our online delivery model can access SpellRead via with Zoom.

Students will require a quiet space with a parent or guardian at the table or in the room. Finally,  an understanding of shared documents via Google Drive is important. A member of our team will be happy to assist you with this.

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Class Breakdown  

What does an online class look like? We are committed to ensuring our student results, no matter what the delivery model looks like. An online SpellRead class is identical to our clinic delivery model. Online classes are divided into three components.

  1. Linguistic Foundations (LF) → Focus on phonological and phonemic awareness.

  2. Active Reading (AR) → Focus on reading fluency and application of LF.

  3. Writing Connections (WC) → Focus on reading comprehension and application of LF.

Please download the SpellRead Program Walkthrough for more information.

Program Walkthrough


Setting Up for Class

Before the first class, we will send you the required materials via post. You will receive a package consisting of the following materials:

  • phonics card packs.

  • speed reading and game packs.

  • student activity book.

  • an answer key.

  • a writing journal.

The student/guardian positions the computer camera to ensure they are within view of the instructor and all activities are done correctly.

During Active Reading, the instructor will check out an ebook via the library in our drive and screen share to read aloud with the student.

During Writing Connections, parents take a screenshot of their child’s writing and share it with their instructor for instructor feedback.

Check out this page with tips for the best set up for SpellRead Online.


Start Today!

In less than 1 hour you will learn more about how you, or a member of your family, process language and comprehend text. 

Our assessment is not a product of the SpellRead program, but an independent standardized assessment that provides benchmarks for the foundational skills identified in research required for efficient reading.
You will also receive a digital copy of the report within two business days with no obligation to enroll in our programs. This information can help access school support as well. 
Our SpellRead students are assessed three times over the course of a full registration to ensure progress and success!

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